I apologize for beginning this project and then never updating it. The truth is that this will probably never really be regularly updated, more, updated when I think of something of substance to write on. Hopefully, you will bear with me...if anyone actually goes about reading this, anyway.

November 20th is the National Transgender Rememberance Day. You can go here for some information and whatnot.

Anyway, I got put in charge of doing a memorial of people killed due to anti-trans violence. I have it all worked out in my head, I just have to do it. We are also doing a Bathroom Reclamation thing, which I think is the activity that means the most to me. We are putting up signs that declare bathrooms "Gender Neutral" to kind of get people to think. I know that it will make very little impact on the population as a whole, most people will not even bother to read the sign or think about why it's important...but if only one person does, then we are one person closer.

The other thing we are doing, though, is we are having a Drag Ball. All the money we make off of it will go to the local free Transgender clinic which is awesome.

What this Drag Ball entails for me, personally, is that I am performing with one of my friends. Getting dressed up in drag is always fun, even though I've officially only done it one and a half times. Well, and the other night, when I was practicing the make-up.

It's fun because I get to have sideburns. You laugh, I know you do, but sideburns are something most people take for granted. Guys can grow them. Girls cannot. And maybe one of the things I wish I could do is have sideburns. Well, facial hair in general. And it's something most people don't even think about at all.

It is also fun because I am an attention whore and I love getting up in front of people. So I get to do that all while having sideburns! What more could one ask for...

There's been a small bit of other things going on, but I haven't quite sorted them out in my head, so I promise I will write about them once I get them fully sorted out.

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