The title of this blog comes from a Dream Theater song, "As I Am." I have often felt that this song describes my attitude towards life when it comes to Gender Queer issues.

This is kind of a "Been there, done that" blog for me. Four years ago, or sometime around there, I started a "secret" Teen Open Diary account when I realized that I liked girls, one girl in particular, and used it both to post some intelligent musings, but also to post my fears, and my bad poetry.

I don't have any bad poetry this time around. I just felt like I needed an outlet other than my LiveJournal. You see, it always feels really risky when I don't let all my friends see my posts. I'm afraid that one that knows another might say "Hey, did you read what AM wrote?" (Yes, I revert back to my age old pseudonym...not that it isn't widely recognized or anything) and the other person will go "No, what?" and then check and realize that I did not trust them enough or want them knowing what I wrote. I think it has happened once, but it was an odd circumstance.

Also, I wanted to maybe embed search engine stuff into the template so that other people who maybe wanted to read someone's musings on being Gender Queer could read. Maybe I give myself too much credit, but as far as I can see, there is not a resource out there like this.

So today I being my journey, at least for the time being, and don't ever expect this to be coherent or anything of that sort. Only my thoughts, how I feel, and my experiences.

"To those who understand: I extend my hand,
To the doubtful I demand: Take me as I am."

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